This course is for students possessing average computer skills who would like to develop more advanced computer ability. It presents Microsoft Word for editing, formatting, and enhancing documents. Students will learn how to use Word's auto features, to work with tables, and to create documents suitable for college level writing classes. The class also introduces Excel for creating spreadsheets and Power Point for creating presentations useful for academic applications. Other topics of interest to individual classes may be included.

The Mathematics/Algebra class begins with a quick review of mathematic concepts and move into a review of algebra. Beginning mathematics will cover identifying and understanding integers and rational numbers, real numbers, irrational numbers, decimals, fractions, and percentages. Elementary algebra concepts follow with a shift to solving linear equations, factoring, operations on rational and radical expressions, quadratic equations and the rectangular coordinate system. Students with stronger algebra skills may have time to work with more advanced material. This class will familiarize students with mathematical symbols and operations.

The Writing course is designed to increase each student's writing ability and confidence by presenting writing as a process from pre-writing exercises to producing well-formed simple, compound, complex and compound-complex sentence structures and essays. The course includes a general review of punctuation and strives to improve student ability to analyze grammatical structures and to write with a purpose. Students will improve their skill in evaluating content, organization, topic development, transition, clarity, and word and sentence choice.