Topic outline

  • Welcome to VUB College Success Strategies

    This course is designed to familiarize you with the workings of post-secondary study and make you aware of the resources available for students. It is presented as a general introduction to college.  It is not specific to any college, but all colleges will have the same offices and services.  

    You will gain the tools and information needed for you to manage the "college experience” - from program choices,
    financial aid, and registration to personal goals and career plans. You will be able to seek
    services available to students and develop a support network on campus. You will improve
    those practical skills (effective study habits, critical thinking, test taking, time management,
    goal setting, etc.) essential to success in any program. You will have the information and
    resources required to make informed choices regarding you future plans.

    Course Objectives:

    You will learn the following skills:

    • Discovering your learning style
    • Charting your best times for certain tasks
    • Time management
    • How to succeed in an online class
    • Active listening
    • Meaningful classroom participation
    • Procrastination 
    • Setting reading and writing goals
    • Active reading strategies
    • Improving reading speed and comprehension
    • The writing process
    • Effective note taking
    • Study skills and understanding memory
    • Test taking strategies
    • Setting short-term and long-term academic goal

    Topics Explored: 

    • Campus information sources: college bulletin and website
    • Admission requirements and application
    • Placement testing
    • Financial aid sources and application
    • Registration and fee information
    • Understanding degree choices and their requirements
    • General education requirements
    • Dropping and adding classes
    • Grades and academic requirements
    • Student services on campus
    • Career goals

              Montana State University-Northern

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  • Secrets to College Success & Expectations (Faculty's & Yours!)

    Just considering enrolling in college can be an anxiety producing experience for everyone.  It's more nerve wracking if it has been a while since you were in a classroom or if you don't feel like you were or are a particularly good student.  There are reasons we get nervous when we consider starting school.  

  • Think About Yourself as a Learner

    It's important to think about what kind of learner you are, what your challenges may be and what strengths you have that will help you be a successful student.  It's time to take stock and the following topics will help you understand more about the practical skills that are necessary to do well in college or a training program.

  • What skills can help make you a better student?

    Being a good student involves far more than just attending well; although, attendance is very important in a traditional class.  But being a successful student in any learning situation, whether on campus or online, is a result of many things:  good time management, overcoming procrastinating, active reading, clear and purposeful note taking, and effective studying. 

    Here are some guidelines to help you develop of improve those practical skills that will make you a more successful student in any learning environment.  

  • Your "To Do" List is here!

    Enrolling in college is a manageable process, but it helps to have some guidance through the steps.  Here is a Power Point, that much maligned form of instruction, that will explain what you will need to do before you can set foot in your first college class.  If you have any questions, you can always contact VUB staff for assistance.  Once you are enrolled in school, have registered for classes, addressed any bill you may have from the college, purchased your textbooks, and explored the campus to locate your classes, you are all set!