Active Reading Strategies

How to get the most out of what you read 

Reading can be a relaxing pastime, but reading for academics in a thoughtful, involved process.   I used to complete reading assignments by starting with the first page assigned and not looking up until I finished the last page.  Good, I thought.  Finished.  What I failed to do was think about anything I read.  I didn't look for overall themes in the material or try to connect this new information with what I already had learned on the subject. I didn't really think about anything but how many pages I had left to read.  I do not recommend this method.

How you approach a reading assignment can determine how well you make sense of what you read and further refine your understanding of course materials.  Keeping up with required reading can be a challenge, so if you read things actively the first time and you won't have to re-read much. There are strategies that help you make the most of the time spent reading. 

Try the active reading strategies on this list and see which ones work best for you.

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